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Welcome to my Excellent Adventure, Part 2!
(Part 1 was my 26-day trip to the Pacific Northwest two summers ago.) Please take a moment to read my Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) post on the next page. Feel free to ask any question not already included. I'm happy to answer new questions. I've been planning this ride since last fall, and I can't believe it's almost here!

What's Happening?

 I love adventure, but I have never had the time to indulge that love seriously until I started riding an eBike (electric bike) at the beginning of the pandemic. We had lots of time that year, and in a very real way, I can say that cycling has changed my life. During the past four years I've cycled close to six thousand miles, which has helped me lose weight and get fit. And now I've discovered a great way to satisfy my craving for adventure. It's called bicycle touring.

So, what's happening? Less than four weeks from the date I send this newsletter, I'll be embarking on a bicycle tour I've been planning and training for since last fall. I'll be gone for approximately seven weeks, riding close to 1,600 miles.

Would you like to hear more? Read on! 

I belong to the American Cycling Association. For decades, ACA has mapped and documented the safest bike routes to the coolest places. I wanted to do one of their three cross-country routes, either the Northern Tier, the Southern Tier, or the TransAmerica Bike Route. I decided that the TransAmerica Bike Route was this novice cycling tourist's best option. However, as I got into the weeds of planning my route, time away from home did become an issue—as did the specter of the Appalachian Mountains. So, I decided upon a hybrid route to get my feet wet in this exciting adventure opportunity called bike touring.

God willing, on April 29, I'll put my bike, my gear, and myself on Amtrak in Albuquerque and will disembark in Colorado to follow the TransAmerica Bike Route from eastern Colorado, through Kansas and Missouri, across the Mississippi River, and just a smidge into Illinois—so I can say I rode my bike across the Mississippi River.🥰 At that point, I'll turn south/southwest, following another ACA route, the Mississippi River Bike Route, skimming Kentucky, then riding in western Tennessee down to Memphis and over to Little Rock, Arkansas, ending my tour at my son and daughter-in-love's place in Razorback country. After a visit with them and five of my grandsugars, I'll take Amtrak back home to Albuquerque. 

What am I looking forward to on this tour? Time alone with God as I ride through prairies and the Ozarks, seeing parts of America I have never seen and experiencing parts of America I've never experienced (like *gasp* humidity?), listening to good books and music, and sharing Jesus with hotel clerks, convenience store cashiers, and anyone else the Lord brings across my path. Please pray that I sow good seed wherever I go? Thank you!

Would you like to follow me on my journey? I have set up a group on Facebook and hope to mirror some of the content of that group here on my website. I'm still working out what and how to post my progress plus photos, insights, and little devotionals as I travel. If you wish to join the Facebook group, click here. (If you are new to Facebook and do not have an account, when you click the "Join" button, you will be prompted to sign in or create an account. Follow Facebook's instructions to create your Facebook account.) Also, to be wise about sharing exactly where I am on my route, I'll need to approve each person's request to join the group.

Questions? I have pinned a list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on the next page. The list provides a number of details about my plans. I will update the FAQ list as more questions come in. If you don't hang out on Facebook, I will also send the highlights of my progress in my May and June newsletters.

As I go along I hope to add more pages with a few photos and experiences. Return here frequently to check for updates, using THIS LINK. Please note: Pages for my Excellent Adventure are not included in my website's normal menu.


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