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Keto with Me!


Thanks for your patience!

What does "keto" mean? 

"Keto" is short for a ketogenic or low-carb lifestyle. The foods I eat are typically meats, dairy, healthy fats, and leafy green vegetables. I have been learning to "eat keto" since March 2021 and have lost 47 pounds and kept it off.   

What is the point of "eating keto"? 

Ketosis is the condition of the body making an increase of ketones. This is the goal of the keto diet. When ketones are increased, the body begins using fatty acids as fuel (energy) instead of carbohydrates, and you begin burning body fat as fuel. 

To help me not feel that I'm missing out, I've compiled several products I depend upon daily. I have a package of cheese puffs at lunchtime most days.  

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