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Laynie Portland

No one is born a spy. In one way or another, every “righteous” clandestine operative is sought out, enlisted, and trained for the difficult and often terrible work intended to ensure that the principles of freedom triumph over ideologies that seek to dominate and enslave.

The year is 1977; the Cold War is intensifying. Helena Portland—Laynie to her family—is set to graduate from the University of Washington, when recruiters from Marstead International invite her to dinner and an informal employment interview. Marstead is a technology and aeronautics firm with a global presence and reputation. But behind their corporate image? Marstead is a front for joint U.S./NATO covert operations.

"You will fall in love with every book!"


"I can't recommend these books too highly!"


"Vikki Kestell is my all time favorite author. Why? Because she pulls faith and Biblical references into everyday situations that challenge me to digger deeper into my own faith. Her characters are real, so real that you feel that you know them."


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