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Number 1 with a Bullet
—The Tahoe Mysteries, Book 1
Release Date: October 2024; Preorder Available August 2024

Number 1 with a Bullet.jpg

Diminutive Miss Finch is never what people expect. Sooner or later, she upsets the proverbial apple cart. And around her? Pretty much everyone ends up off-kilter—including and especially those she’s investigating.

Investigating? Yes. Although BD Finch (BeeDee Finch) is many things, she is also an investigator. The private kind.

And when Miss Finch arrives on the south shore of Lake Tahoe for a summer of rest and recuperation? Not only do things not go as planned, but “things” go strangely awry. Dangerously awry.

Prepare yourself for . . . The Tahoe Mysteries.


Book 1: Number 1 with a Bullet, October 2024

Book 2: Be Quick or Be Dead, October 2025

Book 3: Death on the Big Blue, October 2026

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